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  The Value in using a Professional Travel Consultant  

Please consider the following facts when deciding on making vacation plans on your own or utilizing the benefits of a professional Travel Consultant:


1.)  Whether you know it or not, travel agent fees (commissions) are built into the cost of your travel product.  Booking direct enables the supplier to pocket these fees, giving you nothing in return.
2.)  Utilizing my services provides you with an advocate.  You represent one booking to a supplier; I represent dozens and along with our parent company (World Travel Holdings) we have the clout to bring you the best prices possible.  We have access to specially negotiated rates, including group rates, regional specials or other deals offered to our company only.
3.)  Creating a personal, one on one relationship with an Independent travel professional will insure that your vacation will be hassle free.  Details such as travel protection, shore excursions, dinning arrangements, special occasions, transportation to/from the Ship, etc. are just some of the items that can be handled by an Independent Travel Professional.  Complete professional, PERSONAL SERVICE is key and fundamental to a successful vacation planning experience.  This cannot be achieved via on line or cruise line booking agents.
4.)  Product knowledge and experience- who better to answer questions based on actual experience?  I have taken over 30 cruises over the years along with travel to locations such as Italy, France, England, South Korea, Hawaii, etc.  All the information I can provide you is unbiased, and solely offered for your benefit.
5.)  Choosing a Cruise or Land vacation should not be about getting the cheapest price!  The goal should be choosing the RIGHT CRUISE OR VACATION FOR YOUR PERSONAL NEEDS at the right price!
6.)  You get my personal guarantee of providing you with a thorough, detailed, well thought out vacation plan that meets your needs.  We also offer a "Best Price and Satisfaction" guarantee, thus giving you the comfort in knowing that dealing with CruiseOne provides you with a worry free vacation.

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